Life of Pi

No, I am not making reference to the yesterday’s pi day, or even the mathematical equation for that matter. I am talking about the book Life of Pi, the inspirational tale of a young boy who survives 227 at sea with a a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Piscine Molitor […]

Guns in schools … encouraged?

So I was at home, drinking my first cup of coffee, when I heard on the news that South Dakota had enacted a law enabling school employees such as teachers to carry a gun on the job. This is my “WHAT!?!” face. Because nothing can go wrong in that situation, […]

Senate Sympathy

I am taking a Canadian Law and Constitution class, and in my midterm exam there was a question about the Senate. The question asked: “Should the Senate be abolished or reformed?” Now of course, as this was an academic class, I had to cite historical and legal precedent in my […]

“The Education Premier”

Another one of my articles published by the Canadian University Press following Dalton McGuinty’s announcement that he was resigning. “The Education Premier” leaves behind a legacy of higher enrolment and higher tuition Katherine DeClerq — CUP Ontario Bureau Chief (Photo by Nick Lachance/The Cord) OTTAWA (CUP) — On Oct. 15, […]

Carleton Free Speech Wall torn down in name of safe space

This is my latest published article for the Canadian University Press. It looks at the definition of free speech and whether or not it is conducive to a university “safe space”. Carleton Free Speech Wall torn down in name of safe space Katherine DeClerq — CUP Ontario Bureau Chief (Photo […]

A Newsie at Heart

A newsie at heart? Is she talking about the news junkies and reporters who are constantly tweeting and talking politics? Or is she referring to the Broadway production of Newsies? Well, it’s a little bit of both. I went to New York with my sister last week, and the obvious […]