Since when is employment gravy?

Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, are back on the gravy bandwagon after debate over the 2014 budget took a pricey turn. Monday, Toronto finance staff proposed a 2.5 per cent property tax hike for 2014. This was not what the mayor wanted. Rob Ford wanted a […]

I’m done with Rob Ford

People are laughing at us, and I am finally over it. I am so over it that I’ve deleted this blog post seven times in the last few days. Part of me really does not want to talk about Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, any longer. Another part of me is […]

Lest we forget

Every once in a while, somebody else’s words can send a message better than your own. I have an emotional attachment to Remembrance day. My grandfather served, and my dad brought me up with a high respect of our veterans. Four years ago I worked with the Memory Project, an […]

In a drunken stupor

Today, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford made a few announcements. He admitted he had smoked crack cocaine “about a year ago.” He apologized profusely. He will not be resigning, and will be putting the past behind him. Well…that’s nice. Today, I am not going to talk about his blatant attempts to […]