2014 Toronto Municipal Elections: it starts now

It is January 2nd, the first day to officially put your name in for the 2014 municipal elections in Toronto. Already, 15 people have registered to run for mayor.The nomination period ends on Sept. 11.

Now before everyone starts spouting ridiculous promises, let me give you mine. For the next 10 months I promise to remain objective and fair. I will read about every serious mayoral contender, attend debates and campaign events, and even analyze records. I will call out ANY candidate who does not genuinely answer questions, or who chooses to ignore specific demographics.

Most of my attention within the ward elections will be diverted to North York, where I reside. But don’t worry, chances are I won’t be able to resist checking up on all the other neighbourhoods within Toronto.

The best part about having a blog is the ability to comment—to write what you see and think without restriction. However, as a journalist myself, I understand that we have a responsibility to treat everyone fairly and report the facts without personal bias. My hope is to find a balance between these worlds. I will highly encourage discussion and if anyone has something specific they want me to look into, feel free to say so.

So, start your engines everybody: I guarantee this year will be just as crazy as the last.

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