Cyberbullying has consequences, at least if you get caught

Yesterday, while watching television, I saw the first phase of the conservative government’s “Stop Hating Online” campaign. The advertisement, which is now being broadcast on television and the Internet, features a text/email featuring a photo of someone’s girlfriend, presumably she is exposed. The message is passed along from one person […]

Addressing the issue of “Big Ideas”: The problem is listening

On Jan. 3, Christopher Hume, an urban issues columnist at the Toronto Star, wrote an article about big ideas. He addressed Toronto’s declining reputation—how our creativity and innovation is experiencing a rather long period of stalemate. He cites the July and December storms as an example of unpreparedness, and mentions […]

2014 Toronto Municipal Elections: it starts now

It is January 2nd, the first day to officially put your name in for the 2014 municipal elections in Toronto. Already, 15 people have registered to run for mayor.The nomination period ends on Sept. 11. Now before everyone starts spouting ridiculous promises, let me give you mine. For the next […]