Around the World

I have decided to run away for a bit. For the last seven years I have essentially worked non-stop. I’ve studied at school, held part-time jobs throughout those months, and I’ve worked summer contracts to keep myself afloat. But now, thanks to some leftover scholarship money and some intense saving, I have enough money to leave the country and go on an adventure.

I’ve always wanted to travel. I’m a closet introvert, and the idea of venturing off into an unknown country has always scared and excited me. After finishing my Master’s degree, I decided to finally do it. I would start to travel on my own. I would see the world.

As of now, the “world” is essentially Europe. In a few days I will be travelling across the UK, France, and Italy, while making a few stops in Munich and Amsterdam. It’s all I can afford right now, but I’m hoping it will give me the confidence I need to continue exploring new places.

Along the way, I will be posting photos on my Instagram page. I would love to say I will be updating my blog, but that all depends on wifi availability (and whether or not I slow down long enough to write a post). Most likely, I won’t be posting anything on this website until I return.