Continously Surprised

I was on the subway today, heading to the train station, when I was happily surprised. As a journalist, I sometimes feel a bit pessimistic about people. You read about murders, injuries, kidnappings, and listen to potential global threats. But every once in a while someone does something that surprises me.

I’m at finch station in Toronto and there was a man mopping up the floor of the subway. I’m sitting there, thinking: “that must be the crappiest job. I can’t even imagine the kind of stuff that ends up on the floor of the subway.” Meanwhile, he has taken his broom, and started to draw some shapes.

Look closely to what the man drew on the floor of the subway with water.

Spongebob subway painting

After smiling at two little kids, the man drew Spongebob Square Pants with his broom. The kids smiled and pointed it out to their parents, who smiled back. The man walked out of the subway, and the door closed. That is when I smiled.

The man wasn’t looking for attention. He didn’t even wait long enough for us to say that he was actually pretty good (the likeness was amazing.) He didn’t talk to the kids or asked them what their favourite cartoon was. He just drew, and left.

People continuously surprise me.

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