I’m done with Rob Ford

People are laughing at us, and I am finally over it. I am so over it that I’ve deleted this blog post seven times in the last few days. Part of me really does not want to talk about Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, any longer. Another part of me is semi-obsessed with tracking his behaviour.

I’m sure I’m not the only one … or at least I hope I’m not the only one.

But it doesn’t matter now, because this whole debacle is over! Yesterday, City Council rallied together and stripped Ford of most of his mayoral powers.

This has been the ultimate goal of council since Wednesday, when they organized a series of special meetings that slowly removed certain privileges and gave them to the deputy mayor.


Ford spent his time on the floor attacking other councillors and making excuses. He pointed to his former colleagues, “whom he will not name”, and mimicked drunk driving. He started a screaming match with the public, and ended up rushing towards the spectators “to the defence of his brother,” knocking over a councillor in his way. She had to get an ice pack to sooth her swollen lip.

He called Monday’s meeting a coup d’etat, and compared himself to Kuwait during operation Desert Storm (the council was Saddam apparently).

Well, I think it is important to clarify a few things. First of all, this is not a coup d’etat. It was an act of democracy. Governments lose confidence all the time, just ask the feds. The council voted as a unit, no military was involved, and nobody has died. Second of all, Kuwait?!? I don’t even know how I can explain the ridiculousness of this statement—although, this is the same family that compared Ford to Jesus, so it doesn’t really surprise me.

Since my last post about Toronto’s municipal politics, Rob Ford has admitted to drinking and driving, and using illegal drugs. He has been accused of spending time with a prostitute (an accusation which led to some truly sexist and derogatory remarks by the mayor, of the like I will not be publishing on this website). Court documents have been released with interviews by former staffers which show the mayor asked them to purchase alcohol and make up excuses for him to miss work. Ford’s response has been defensive, mean, and outright rude. He has threatened all staff and councillors who have spoken against him, promising that “what comes around goes around.”

While this has all been happening, the city has been voting on some important issues. On the agenda were conversations about waste management, bike sharing, affordable housing, smoking bans, and traffic control—issues that are crucial to Toronto.

But instead, there is only one thing people will remember about City Council last week:

Wall of Anti-Ford

People gathering to protest

Ford has promised war. He has already said he would sue the council over their decision yesterday—and I have no doubt he will. The Ford brothers are too proud to just let this matter go. I predict more bullying, threatening exchanges of words, and false accusations.

But, I won’t write about it. I am taking a stand. Too much ink has been wasted on Ford and Ford Nation. It has become the go-to front page headline for every news outlet, website, and blog out there (mine included).

What would happen if he came out of his office and no one was there? Obviously, journalists have a responsibility to keep the office of the mayor accountable—but we aren’t doing that anymore. We are relishing in his stupidity and ignorance. Everytime he says something ridiculous, journalists giggle with glee—here comes another front page story. BUT, what we are really doing is giving him more attention. WE are becoming responsible for spreading his message. We are making him look like a sad, sympathetic victim, even though that was never our intention.

It has to stop, and it has to stop now. Let Ford go to the American media. Let them deal with all of our crazy.

So…here it is folks (*she says with a cringe*). I am going to take the biggest sigh of my life, and put away my pen. I will not give Ford any more space on this website.

There are more important matters to deal with, and the sooner we figure this out, the better off we will be. Let’s not waste anymore ink.

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