This page is for non-narrative story forms—graphs, charts, and maps.

MAP: How Toronto changed during the First World War

When Britain declared war against Germany and Austria-Hungary on Aug. 9, 1914, they effectively sentenced Canada to years of overseas fighting, internal conflict, and economic depression. Big cities like Toronto were transformed into military hubs, whose sole purpose was to build supplies and train troops.

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Ontario Elections 2014: Wheels on the Bus

This map tracks the party leaders week by week on their campaign stops during the 2014 Ontario election. Find out what they’re doing by clicking on the icons or scrolling through the interactive timeline.

Screenshot of Wheels on the Bus interactive map


Interactive Map: Country of origin for refugees in Canada

The United Nations released a report Friday that said more than 50 million people have been displaced in the last year.

Canada, specifically, claims to have welcomed more than 1 million refugees from all around the world. But where are these refugees coming from?

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