Life of Pi

No, I am not making reference to the yesterday’s pi day, or even the mathematical equation for that matter. I am talking about the book Life of Pi, the inspirational tale of a young boy who survives 227 at sea with a a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

Piscine Molitor was on his way to Canada from India when his ship was destroyed. As the sole (human) survivor, the Life of Pi, outlines Pi’s struggle to survive on a small lifeboat with the most intriguing companions—a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a tiger. The ending is such a twist, that I dare you to try and expect it.

I picked up this book originally because I wanted to see the movie. The cinematography in the trailer looked amazing, but I have a firm “read book before seeing the movie” policy. I’ve only ever heard good things about the book, and I figured it was short enough I could fly through it

But  I got a little more than I bargained for.

This was not a book of beautiful scenery, or that of a bond between an animal and a human. It is a terrifying story of how a young boy survives as animals kill and eat each other, of how the hope of finding land leads to a carnivorous island, and how the will to survive can make you do even the most horrific things. None of that was in the movie trailer!

What IS inspiring is the character’s continuous faith in God. From beginning to end, Piscine never questions the fact that God exists. His faith transcends religions (he is a muslim, a christian, and a hindu). It is refreshing to watch this faith develop and how he interprets it.

I highly suggest reading this book. It may make you cringe, but it will also make you forever thankful of the life you lead. The Life of Pi was an incredible read, and I know that as much as I will probably be watching it from between my fingertips, I have to go see the movie. If anything, to see how they represent the rawness of human survival and tragedy.


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