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MAP: How Toronto changed during the First World War

When Britain declared war against Germany and Austria-Hungary on Aug. 9, 1914, they effectively sentenced Canada to years of overseas fighting, internal conflict, and economic depression. Big cities like Toronto were transformed into military hubs, whose sole purpose was to build supplies and train troops.

Ontario Elections 2014: Wheels on the Bus

This map tracks the party leaders week by week on their campaign stops during the 2014 Ontario election. Find out what they’re doing by clicking on the icons or scrolling through the interactive timeline.

Screenshot of Wheels on the Bus interactive map

Mother’s Day is a “day of reflection” for those remembering loved ones

Holidays bring out the best and the worst in us. They can be joyful, full of laughter and love. Or they can leave us emotionally drained, trapped in our own memories and regrets.

Toronto plans historic mass gay wedding for World Pride

World Pride has just made it easy for same-sex couples to marry by rolling “out the rainbow carpet” in a wedding meant to make the record books.

“Moment of horror,” woman recalls her loyal dogs’ actions during dog attack

It was a regular September day, and Lynn O’Connor was walking her two dogs, Jake and Kyra.

She had already wandered up and down the property lines of her Peterborough, Ont., home earlier that day. But now, something seemed off

Seeing ‘Jesus on toast’ a normal phenomenon, study says

Hundreds of people claim to see the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in the shape of their potato chips or burnt into their toast. But before you dismiss them as crazy, a recent study shows the phenomenon may not be as absurd as we think.

Toronto artist maps diversity, one portrait at a time

Living in what is considered one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, a Toronto photographer is taking it upon himself to map his city’s diversity using the faces and stories of the people who live there.

Canada gets D- in annual active kids report

Canadian children and youth are sitting more and moving less.

Active Healthy Kids Canada released its annual report card on physical activity Tuesday, calling the typical Canadian lifestyle “overdeveloped.”

Melanoma among cancer patients on the rise: report

With fewer Canadians taking care to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun’s dangerous UV rays, the Canadian Cancer Society says it shouldn’t come as a surprise that melanoma is on the rise.

Liberals catching up to Progressive Conservatives at expense of NDP: Poll

The Liberals appear to be gaining support from Ontario voters and are swiftly catching up to the Progressive Conservatives, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid for CTV News and CP24 between May 26 and May 29, shows a two-point gap between Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives, who are currently leading in the polls, and Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. The Andrea Horwath-led NDP seems to have lost the momentum they gained last week, dropping by five points.

Ont. doctor who suffers from ALS raises over $1M in fight against the disease

People from across Canada will be participating in fundraising events Saturday to raise money for an incurable disease that literally locks people within their bodies — still conscious and completely aware, but unable to move a muscle.

Would Queen Elizabeth ever abdicate the throne?

Being king or queen used to be a lifestyle rather than a job — you would serve the people until the end of your days. But that fact seems to be up for debate. Over the last year a number of European monarchs have defied that tradition and have passed their throne to their younger heirs.

Residents of Moncton urged to take time to heal

People from all across the country are mourning the deaths of three RCMP officers killed last week in Moncton, N.B., but experts say it is just the beginning of a healing process that could take a while, “perhaps a lifetime.”

Who is David Prat? Meet the wildcard who upset the Virginia primary

Majority House Leader Eric Cantor was set to sail toward a certain victory during the GOP primary in Virginia on Wednesday. He had a 34-point lead in the polls and millions in his campaign fund. But his congressional dream was unexpectedly crushed when it was announced that Tea Party associate David Brat would become the Republican candidate for Congress.

Tim Hudak’s downfall: Did the math not add up on his jobs plans?

Now that the Progressive Conservative party has been sent back to the opposition benches for a fourth straight election, they will be looking back at what went wrong with Tim Hudak’s campaign strategy.

Cyborg-soccer: How a paraplegic took first kick at the World Cup

Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old paraplegic, dressed in Brazil’s home colours, walked out into the Arena de Sao Paulo stadium and performed the ceremonial first kick at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.His power-kick came with the help of a robotic exoskeleton suit, a new technology that is mind-controlled.