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Poll says 18% of Ontario residents smoke cigarettes

A new poll says that 18 per cent of Ontario residents smoke cigarettes — and most of them have tried to quit several times.

Toronto council candidate’s election sign defaced with words ‘Go Back Home’

On Friday night, Ward 2 city council candidate Munira Abukar got a phone call from a supporter saying that some of her campaign signs had been kicked over and it looked like they had been vandalized.

Union wants CAMH criminally charged after nurse “beaten beyond recognition”

Ontario nurses and public sector workers are calling on the province to criminally charge Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) following a patient’s alleged brutal beating of a nurse while on the job in January.

Kitten rescued from Highway 427 after being thrown from a vehicle

When Mandi Howard suddenly found herself driving to the Toronto Humane Society, singing to calm a badly injured kitten she’d just scooped off a multi-lane highway, there was one thought on her mind: “If he were to die before I can get there, at least he will have known what kindness looks like.”

Canadian indicted in one of largest data breaches in U.S. history

Three people, including a Canadian from Montreal, have been indicted for their alleged roles in hacking email service providers throughout the United States and for conspiracy to launder money, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a press release.

Brett Lawrie surprises six-year-old fan upset with his departure

There is no “I” in team, but sometimes, it is the player that matters. Brett Lawrie may not be a member of the Toronto Blue Jays anymore, but that won’t matter for a six-year-old fan who got a surprise visit from the infielder Friday afternoon.

Assault against public transit drivers could lead to harsh sentencing

They have been punched, kicked, spat on, and shot at — often over something as simple as a fare dispute. Now, people who assault public transit operators may find themselves facing harsher penalties under a new amendment to the Criminal Code.

Couple looks for new home for ‘crazy Satan’ cat

Wanted: a home for an evil cat bent on taking over the world. A Richmond Hill couple is looking for a new family for their “angry, miserable and vindictive” cat named Izzy, who they claim is the perfect match for someone with plans of world domination.

‘Evil satanic cat’ strikes back on Craigslist — for those slow to get the joke

Izzy the “evil satanic cat” is not happy. Now, she says, she has to start all over again. “To the people who hated on (my foster parents) blindly and with the rage of 10,000 claws, yes . . . harness your hate and embrace the dark side. You are my kind of people. However, smarten up,” read a new Craigslist post written by Izzy titled “Evil Satanic Cat Responds.”

Marché, Hero Burgers and Harvey’s locations get conditional DineSafe passes

Marché, Hero Certified Burgers and a Harvey’s location are among the restaurants given conditional passes by Toronto Public Health in the latest round of DineSafe food safety inspections.

Pedro the kitten’s rescuer facing fraud investigation

A month ago, Mandi Howard was looking forward to adopting a bloodied kitten she had rescued from Hwy. 427. Now, after raising more than $9,500 for Pedro on Indiegogo, she has become a person of interest in a Toronto Police fraud investigation.

Where in the world is Santa? NORAD knows

On Christmas Eve, Maj. Sherry MacLeod held the phone to her ear and whispered: “You know, Santa isn’t going to come until you are curled up in bed and sound asleep!”

15 bodies saved from Innisfil crematorium fire

Fifteen deceased bodies remain unscathed after an early morning fire at the Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium Wednesday.

No one will be prosecuted after breach of Rehtaeh Parsons publication ban

Her name is Rehtaeh Parsons — and now everyone can say it.

Nova Scotia Attorney General Lena Metlege Diab issued a directive Wednesday saying the province will not prosecute the media or others for identifying Rehtaeh Parsons as the victim in a recent high-profile child pornography case, unless her name is used in a derogatory way.

Eglinton Ave. closed due to a ‘weakened area,’ possible sinkhole

Construction workers found water and soil leaking into an emergency tunnel dug as part of the Eglinton LRT construction. Eglinton near Keele is closed off while crews search for the source.

Man finds baby abandoned in driveway in London, Ont.

Anthony Franze was startled early Tuesday morning when he heard what he thought was a kitten screeching outside his home in London, Ont. What he actually found was even more shocking — a crying baby, cold and covered in frost.