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A little Stars Hallow comes to Toronto — Pop-up Luke’s Diner

I left my house at 6:30 in the morning excited and ready to experience something I’ve only ever dreamed of — getting coffee from Luke’s Diner, a staple set on the comedy-drama TV show, Gilmore Girls.

Woman of the Week: Erin O’Neill

It’s been about five months since the city of Fort McMurray was consumed by flame and smoke.  On May 3, over 80,000 people were forced to flee their homes. Television newscasts showed the wildfire quite literally jumping roads, inching closer and closer to the residential parts of the wooded region in Alberta.

Headline Coffee — the future of journalism?

You get up in the morning, grab the newspaper (or your Ipad/tablet for your digital news), and then saunter into the kitchen to make your brewed beverage of choice.

But, wait! There is no coffee beside that fancy Keurig machine. What now?

Minister steps down as Ontario makes gender parity pledge

A cabinet shuffle is on its way, and a certain Ontario MPP is standing aside to make room for a more gender-diverse leadership.

How to successfully market your non-profit online?

It can be challenging running a charity or not-for-profit organization in the digital age. With so much information available on the Internet, how do you get your message across? How do you make people care about your cause?

Ontario Throne Speech promises childcare and electricity rebates

The vacation is over and it’s back to the daily grind for provincial government officials. Parliament officially kicked off Thursday, with a throne speech given by the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor.

PHLEGM showcases view from St. Clair

When Slate Asset Management purchased 1 St. Clair West, they knew they had to do something about its 12-story blank wall. The company started to look into public art, with the goal of making the corner of St. Clair and Yonge into a cultural and vibrant community.

Sarah Hall: making art out of renewable energy

In an age where technology seems to be getting smaller and sleeker, renewable energy is lagging behind. Even though people are constantly encouraged to live green, no one wants to see giant windmills in their parks or have metal panels on top of their roofs.

Toronto City Council approves 2016 budget

Toronto’s city council approved the 2016 budget Wednesday with little debate or discussion.

The 2016 operating budget of $10.1 billion and the $21 billion 10-year capital budget includes a number of plans for transit, alleviation of traffic congestion, public safety, poverty reduction, and child care subsidies, among other things.

GISHWHES made me realize normalcy was overrated

This past week I did some crazy things — I went for a run with pineapple shoes; handed out free coffee at a bus stop; dressed up as a zombie and served people burgers; and modelled a corn husk bikini, among other things.

Woman of the Week: Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer Keesmaat’s voice is soothing, almost lethargic. Her voice was made for radio and this line in her new podcast Invisible Cities is said with such passion and dedication that there is no denying her love of city building. There are five episodes of the podcast at the moment, with a new one being released each month.

I ran my first 5k — and it was colourful

Last weekend, I ran my first 5k race! Well, I ran most of it — but that’s not the point.

#MoreThanMean: when is online trolling harassment

“I have trouble looking at you while I’m saying these things.”

This is the point the #MoreThanMean campaign is trying to make: that what people say online has a real impact on real people. What’s more —those messages can also be considered as harassment.

Trudeaumania takes over Toronto

Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to Toronto’s city hall to meet with Mayor John Tory. It was the first time in 18 years a prime minister visited the institution, but that wasn’t why people were so excited. It was because they had the opportunity to get close to the celebrity politician.

‘Love is Love’, a message from the Tony’s

It’s been a hell of a weekend. The world has been shaken by the senseless death of 50 people at a LGBTQ club early Sunday morning, and it seemed like the never-ending immigration and gender blame game would consume the news cycle for the next week. This was not something I was looking forward to.

Cue, the Tony Awards.

The kinkiest boots around

“And remember. You are not making footwear. You are not making boots. You are making two and a half feet of irresistible, tubular sex!”


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