What I learned at a local candidates debate

On Tuesday evening, I walked into the Parkway Forest Community Centre for an all-candidates debate. This debate wasn’t held in a large stadium. There were no microphones, signage, or party supporters yelling or booing at every statement made. Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May were not present. There were […]

Since when was a debate considered optional?

The Canadian federal election is about a month and a half away and this means  the news will be flooded with articles about policy announcements and poll reviews. Better yet, the internet will be flooded with photographs of politicians holding babies and smiling with their groupies. While the campaign period can be a […]

Cyberbullying has consequences, at least if you get caught

Yesterday, while watching television, I saw the first phase of the conservative government’s “Stop Hating Online” campaign. The advertisement, which is now being broadcast on television and the Internet, features a text/email featuring a photo of someone’s girlfriend, presumably she is exposed. The message is passed along from one person […]