What I learned at a local candidates debate

On Tuesday evening, I walked into the Parkway Forest Community Centre for an all-candidates debate. This debate wasn’t held in a large stadium. There were no microphones, signage, or party supporters yelling or booing at every statement made. Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May were not present. There were […]

Since when was a debate considered optional?

The Canadian federal election is about a month and a half away and this means  the news will be flooded with articles about policy announcements and poll reviews. Better yet, the internet will be flooded with photographs of politicians holding babies and smiling with their groupies. While the campaign period can be a […]

CASE STUDY: writing about publication bans

As part of a media and ethics law course, I had to write a case study. This case study would reflect a controversial decision made by a media outlet in Canada and would eventually be published by Ryerson University and Jsource.ca. It’s a daunting task, to become an expert in […]

Entrepreneurial journalism: what we need in this market

With CBC’s March announcement that they are cutting 140 jobs, it becomes ever more important for journalists to take control of their own industry. I know this seems daunting…corporate funding is what allows us to buy things like groceries and electricity. But, what happens when that corporate funding dissipates? I […]

Video Challenge: 31 days vlogging

I’m ringing in the New Year right…I think. I’ve started a new challenge. I’ll let the video below explain the details, but I’ll tell you this: I’m not a video person. While working at the Ryersonian, I was coerced by professors and friends into participating in live broadcasts. The thought […]

Playing on tragedy: the cyberbullying dilemma and Bill C-13

Warning: this post contains potentially triggering content and coarse language. Five years ago Sarah*  turned on her phone to find a frantic email from a friend: Where are you? I have been trying to reach you. You need to message me ASAP. We have a problem. It was her first […]

The unseen hero – Happy Mother’s Day

During my short time interning for CTVNews, I was asked to write a piece about how people celebrate Mother’s Day after their moms or their children passed away. The interviews were excruciating. I just couldn’t empathize. I couldn’t imagine spending spending a Mother’s Day without my own mom. When I […]