Since when was a debate considered optional?

The Canadian federal election is about a month and a half away and this means  the news will be flooded with articles about policy announcements and poll reviews. Better yet, the internet will be flooded with photographs of politicians holding babies and smiling with their groupies. While the campaign period can be a […]

Morgan Baskin: the 18-year-old who would be mayor

It was clear from the beginning that Morgan Baskin’s campaign to become Toronto’s next mayor was going to be different. One of her first campaign meetings was held in a small church, with about 20 people in attendance. The majority were students from the University of Toronto or York University. […]

Don’t play the politics game Toronto

Even though we are still eight months away from the Toronto election, things have already started to get heated, especially since Karen Stintz and John Tory have officially registered to run in the mayoral race. Since January I’ve heard a number of people, politicians, and journalists suggest that certain candidates […]

Senate Sympathy

I am taking a Canadian Law and Constitution class, and in my midterm exam there was a question about the Senate. The question asked: “Should the Senate be abolished or reformed?” Now of course, as this was an academic class, I had to cite historical and legal precedent in my […]