The unseen hero – Happy Mother’s Day

During my short time interning for CTVNews, I was asked to write a piece about how people celebrate Mother’s Day after their moms or their children passed away. The interviews were excruciating. I just couldn’t empathize. I couldn’t imagine spending spending a Mother’s Day without my own mom.

When I left for university five years ago, my mom cried. She knew it would be difficult to return home knowing that I wouldn’t be there. What I didn’t know was how I would feel. It was strange for me, waking up in the morning and having no one to have coffee with. For most of my first year I called home at least once a day. We would have regular skype chats or send text messages to one another during the day. I missed her dreadfully.

My mom and I have always described our relationship as a Lorelai, a reference to the show Gilmore Girls (a tribute to the 90s if there ever was one). She is my best friend. She knows all my secrets, and is the first person I call when I’m happy or upset. I can’t count the number of times she’s sat on the other line listening to me rant about a stressful day.

I am continuously surprised by what she will do for our family. Whether it is taking a third job or staying up late to talk through a problem, she is always there. She is a creative and ambitious person who could do anything she set her mind to.

I am incredibly proud to be her daughter.

This is why that Mother’s Day piece was so difficult to write. I can’t imagine going a day without saying hello to my mom or sending her a text asking how her day went. I also can’t imagine how challenging this Sunday would be if she wasn’t here.

So, here it is. I want to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day, whether you are actively celebrating or not. My heart goes out to those unable to spend today with their loved ones. And to those who are celebrating, don’t take this day for granted. Make sure your mom knows you care, because who knows how much time is left.


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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom! But then, she is a special, very talented, very loving

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