Video Challenge: 31 days vlogging

I’m ringing in the New Year right…I think.

I’ve started a new challenge. I’ll let the video below explain the details, but I’ll tell you this: I’m not a video person. While working at the Ryersonian, I was coerced by professors and friends into participating in live broadcasts. The thought of speaking live on television freaked me out. I would be sitting there at the desk, fidgeting with my pen, trying to control my breathing…and then someone would count down and my immediate thought was “Oh God, I’m not ready! Wait!” Of course…they can’t. There is nothing you can do but go with the flow, and, as an introvert, that drives me crazy. I ramble, look down at my notes, occasionally forget what it was I was meant to talk about. It’s just a mess.

Video still freaks me out. The last few I’ve tried, it had to be carefully scripted. Even then I would stumble and pronounce names wrong. That is what this challenge is about. By the end of this month, I hope to feel more comfortable in front of a camera—or at least reduce my pen fidgeting to a minimum. Enjoy!

Throughout the month, I will also post lessons that I’ve learned from this challenge.

Lesson #1: Shoot Iphone video horizontally. Ooops.

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